Course Subscriptions:

Course subscriptions in general are non-refundable items. However special consideration can be given for unusual circumstances, such as dropping the class during the first week of the term.

Cancellation of course subscribtions falls under the refund policy stated above because of the immediate delivery of the subscription activation.


All Other Items:

All other items purchased directly from Philosophy Lab may be returned in in unused/new condition within 30 days of purchase with documentation of the original purchase from us and with prior approval from Philosophy Lab. There is a 15% restocking charge. If the seal of a course pack is broken, credit will be issued minus the retail value of the subscription. (See our website for current value.)

Items may be returned only as purchased. That is, if a book is purchased as an individual item it my be returned as an individual item only; if a book was purchased as part of a pack, it can be returned only as part of the original sealed pack.

An order for these items may be cancelled it they have not shipped. Otherwise the order falls under the refund policy for returns.